jigit(1) Easy CD download tool


jigit <distribution>


jigit will automatically download the files needed to create a Debian/Ubuntu CD, using as many files available locally as possible before downloading any that are missing.

Configure jigit by editing /etc/jigit.conf or $HOME/.jigit.conf. The two settings that matter are:

The base URL of the jigit update site.
Where jigit should store its temporary files. These may take up a LOT of space!


jigit will download a configuration file from the remote host, along with jigdo and template files. It will scan your machine for any of the files it requires (e.g. in the apt cache), including any old CDs that you may have - simply tell it where to look when it asks. If any files are missing, jigit will download them. Once all files are available, jigit will build a new ISO image to match the one you would have downloaded.


Copyright 2004 Steve McIntyre ([email protected])

jigit may be copied under the terms and conditions of version 2 of the GNU General Public License, as published by the Free Software Foundation (Cambridge, MA, USA).


Written by Steve McIntyre ([email protected])