libggigcp(7) GGI extension for color and palette


LibGGIGCP is a generic color and palette management extension. It supports conversion between different color spaces such as RGBA, YUV, HSV and CMYK.


The debugging level for LibGGIGCP:
0 or unset
debug output is off; debugging is off

all debug output is on

You may also bitwise-or any of the following together:

  • 2 : debug core
  • 4 : debug mode setting
  • 8 : debug color handling
  • 16 : debug drawing
  • 32 : misc debugging output
  • 64 : debug dynamic library handling
  • 128 : debug event handling

The debugging output can be quite verbose and in most cases you should redirect stderr so that it does not interfere with your program's output.

Turn on synchronous debugging output, flushing the output buffers before returning from DPRINT calls.

Override compiled-in path to global config files (Win32 only, but not Cygwin).

Note that the last environment variable really begin with GGI, and not GCP.