Lire::Average(3) Lire class that implements the avg operator


use Lire::Average


Class that implements the avg operator. This operator will compute the average value of a DLF field in a group of DLF records.

If the field used by average isn't a numeric fields, the number of different values in that field will be used as the numerator.

It's possible to compute a weighted average by specifying a weighting field.

By default, the average is a by record average. It's possible to compute a by different values average. The list of fields that's used to determine the different values if speficied in the by-fields attribute.


new( %params )

Creates a new Lire::Average object. In addition to the values supported by its parents, the by-fields and weight attributes will be initialized to the values specified in the %params argument.

by_fields( [$new_by_fields] )

Returns the fields that are going to be used to count the different values which will made up the by part of the average.

This a reference to an array of DLF field names.

If the $new_by_fields parameter is set, it will be used as the new $by_fields value. It must be an array reference and should only contains valid field names for the current report specification's schema.

weigth( [$new_weight] )

Returns the DLF field's name by which the values will be multiplied before being summed.

You can change the weight field by specifying a new name as the $new_weight parameter. Use undef to remove the use of a weighting field.


 Francis J. Lacoste <[email protected]>
 Wolfgang Sourdeau <[email protected]>


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