vv_treemap(1) Interactive and dynamic treemap visualization of a Paje trace file


vv_treemap [OPTIONS] <TRACEFILE>


The vv_treemap(1) command displays a dynamic, interactive and hierarchical treemap visualization of a Paje trace file. It is dynamic since the user can change in runtime the time slices that should be applied to calculate the treemap. This interactivity is enhanced by enabling the selection of specific types and containers to be rendered. Most of the times, the user should do it in first place, since most of the metrics registered in traces are incompatible among them. Since the Paje trace file is naturally hierarchical (see the trace format description for details), vv_treemap reflects that in the representation: the user can change the level of details by using the mouse scroll within the main window. The vv_treemap tool is a particularly useful program to compare the behavior of processes/threads (containers) on different time scales. If wisely used, it can be show the imbalances that might occur in a parallel application, for instance. A good analysis using vv_treemap depends on the dynamic selection of performance metrics along with a good time slice configuration.


vv_treemap accepts the following options:

-a, --stop-at=TIME

Stop the trace simulation at TIME. This way the user won't have to wait until the complete trace is loaded (and simulated) into memory.

-f, --flex

Use a flex-based file reader. The flex reader of PajeNG framework can be used in vv_treemap to allow an alternative way of reading trace files. In some rare situations, it might be faster to read trace files with this option.

-n, --no-strict

Support old file names in event definitions.

-z, --ignore-incomplete-links

Tells the PajeNG simulator to ignore incomplete links. Only use if you know what you are doing, since most of the times, incomplete links indicate a corrupted or malformed trace file.

-?, --help

Show all the available options.


Give a short usage message.


Description of the Paje trace file: http://paje.sourceforge.net/download/publication/lang-paje.pdf

Main web site: http://github.com/schnorr/viva/


Report viva bugs and issues to http://github.com/schnorr/viva/issues


Copyright (C) 2012-2015 Lucas M. Schnorr. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).