lp-bug-dupe-properties(1) find duplicate Launchpad bug reports


lp-bug-dupe-properties [OPTION]


lp-bug-dupe-properties displays information such as date, tags, and Ubuntu release information for duplicate Launchpad bugs. It also allows you to filter by certain apport keys.


Listed below are the command line options for lp-bug-dupe-properties:
-r, --reporter
Display reporter of duplicates
-m , --month
Display month duplicates were reported
-d , --day
Display day duplicates were reported
-t , --tags
Display tags of duplicates
-rt , --rtags
Display Ubuntu release tags of duplicates
-D , --desc
Search apport bug description for this key e.g. Package
-b , --bug
Bug number of which to check the duplicates


lp-bug-dupe-properties was written by Brian Murray <[email protected]>, and this manual page was written by Nathan Handler <[email protected]>.