md_src_plugins_error_README(3) README


by meta data

Mount this plugin additionally with an working resolver and an storage e.g.:

    kdb mount error.dump /error error dump

When following meta key is present during storing (kdbSet()) the keyset:


a warning will be added. The plugin will still return success, but when following meta key is present:


the plugin will return with an error.

The value of the meta data needs to contain the number of the requested error or warning.

So an error and warnings can be injected directly with the kdb tool. E.g. the warning number 3:

    kdb setmeta system/error/key trigger/warnings 3

or the error number 10 (will not modify the KDB because kdbSet() will fail for the error plugin then):

    kdb setmeta user/error/key trigger/error 10

by config

To yield an error in kdbOpen() the meta data approach does not work. So the plugin also can yield warning/errors using configuration.

To do that, configure the plugin using:


E.g. you can use:

    kdb mount error.dump /error error on_open/error=10 dump

Then you get an error on any access, e.g.:

    kdb ls system/error

Will yield error #63:

    Description: Tried to get a key from a missing backend
    Mountpoint: system/error

because the opening of the plugin failed (resulting to a missing backend).