unhtml(1) strip the HTML formatting from a document or the standard input


unhtml -version | [ filename ]


Parses text read from the standard input, or a file if a file name is supplied, and removes any HTML formatting it finds. Prints the resulting cleansed text to the standard output for easy redirection. The version included with this man page has been improved to handle comments and scripts.


Version. unhtml will display its version and exit.


This example simply scans a file called "index.html" and prints the file to the standard output with the HTML formatting removed. The standard output is redirected to a file called "index.txt" which, after running, will contain the plain text of the .html file.

example% unhtml index.html > index.txt


Currently, if the output is redirected to a file of the same name as the input file, the result will be an empty file of the same name, but this is really an idiosyncracy of the redirect operator, and cannot be corrected in the program.


This document is Copyright (C) 1998 by Kevin Swan.