Module::Install::DOAPChangeSets(3) write your distribution change log in RDF


This package allows you to write your Changes file in Turtle or RDF/XML and autogenerate a human-readable text file.

To do this, create an RDF file called ``meta/changes.ttl'' (or something like that) and describe your distribution's changes in RDF using the Dublin Core, DOAP, and DOAP Change Sets vocabularies. Then in your Makefile.PL, include:

  write_doap_changes "meta/changes.ttl", "Changes", "turtle";

This line will read your data from the file named as the first argument, parse it using either Turtle or RDFXML parsers (the third argument), and output a human-readable changelog to the file named as the second argument.

The defaults are ``meta/changes.ttl'', ``Changes'', ``turtle'', so if you name the files like that, then you can exclude all the arguments and just include this in your Makefile.PL:


There's also a line you can use to output a Changes.xml file:

  write_doap_changes_xml "meta/changes.ttl", "Changes.xml", "turtle";

Integration with Module::Install::RDF

Module::Install::RDF reads all the RDF it can find in 'meta'. If you invoke Module::Install::RDF before invoking Module::Install::DOAPChangeSets, then this module will use Module::Install::RDF's copy of the data.


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Copyright (C) 2010-2011 by Toby Inkster

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