nast-ier(1) NAST-based DNA alignment tool


The NAST-iEr alignment utility aligns a single raw nucleotide sequence against one or more NAST formatted sequences.

The alignment algorithm involves global dynamic programming profile alignment to fixed (NAST-formatted) multiply aligned template sequences without any end-gap penalty.

NAST-iEr is part of the microbiomeutil suite.



query database in FASTA format (seqs to NAST-align)

Optional: (unless defaults are not set!)

reference database in NAST format (default: /usr/share/microbiomeutil-data/RESOURCES/
reference database in FASTA format (default: /usr/share/microbiomeutil-data/RESOURCES/
number of top hits to use for profile-alignment (default: 10)
Evalue cutoff for top hits (default: 1e-50)


This manual page was written by Andreas Tille <[email protected]> but can be freely used for any other distribution.