Net::AMQP::Value(3) A collection of classes for typing AMQP data


use Net::AMQP::Value;
# ... somewhere, in an AMQP table:
Net::AMQP::Value::String->new("1") # not an integer
Net::AMQP::Value::Integer->new(" 1") # not a string
Net::AMQP::Value::Timestamp->new(1) # not an integer
Net::AMQP::Value::Boolean->new(1) # not an integer
Net::AMQP::Value::true # shorthand for ...Boolean->new(1)
Net::AMQP::Value::false # shorthand for ...Boolean->new(0)


Generally in tables Net::AMQP tries to be smart, so e.g. a table value of '1' or '-1' is transmitted as an integer. When this intelligence becomes a problem, use these classes to type your data. For example, a table value of "Net::AMQP::Value::String-"new(1)> will be transmitted as the string ``1''.

These classes also overload the basics like "", 0+, and bool so if you use them outside an AMQP table, they will probably Do The Right Thing.