nifti2dicom(1) Convert 3D medical images to DICOM 2D series


Nifti2Dicom is a conversion tool that converts 3D NIfTI files (and other formats supported by ITK) to DICOM. Unlike other conversion tools, it can import a DICOM file that is used to import the patient and study DICOM tags, and allows you to edit the accession number and other DICOM tags, in order to create a valid DICOM that can be imported in a PACS.


[-# <int>] [-s
<string>] [-p <string>] -o <string> [-r] -i <string> [--acquisitiontime <AAAAMMGG>] [--acquisitiondate <AAAAMMGG>] [--acquisitionnumber <string>] [--useoriginalseries] [--seriestime <AAAAMMGG>] [--seriesdate <AAAAMMGG>] [--seriesdescription <string>] [--seriesnumber <string>] [--seriesinstanceuid <string>] [--donotuseoriginalstudy] [--studytime <hhmmss>] [--studydate <YYYYMMDD>] [--studydescription <string>] [--studyid <string>] [--studyinstanceuid <string>] [--patientweight <WW>] [--patientage <###Y/M>] [--patientsex <M|F|O>] [--patientdob <AAAAMMGG>] [--patientid <string>] [--patientname <COGNOME NOME>] [--referringphysiciansname <string>] [--institutionname <string>] [--manufacturersmodelname <string>] [--manufacturer <string>] [--protocolname <string>] [--softwareversion <string>] [--imagetype <string>] [--modality <string>] [--sopclassuid <string>] [-d <string>] [-y] [-a <string>] [--] [--version] [-h]


-# <int>, --digits <int>
Number of digits in dicom file names
-s <string>, --suffix <string>
Suffix of dicom file names
-p <string>, --prefix <string>
Prefix of dicom file names
-o <string>, --outputdirectory <string>
Output dicom directory
-r, --rescale
Rescale image before exporting
-i <string>, --inputfile <string>
Input NIFTI 1 file
--acquisitiontime <AAAAMMGG>
(0008,0032) Acquisition Time
--acquisitiondate <AAAAMMGG>
(0008,0022) Acquisition Date
--acquisitionnumber <string>
(0020,0012) Acquisition Number
Use original series
--seriestime <AAAAMMGG>
(0008,0031) Series Time
--seriesdate <AAAAMMGG>
(0008,0021) Series Date
--seriesdescription <string>
(0008,103e) Series Description
--seriesnumber <string>
(0020,0011) Series Number
--seriesinstanceuid <string>
(0020,000e) Series Instance UID
Do not use original study
--studytime <hhmmss>
(0008,0030) Study Time
--studydate <YYYYMMDD>
(0008,0020) Study Date
--studydescription <string>
(0008,1030) Study Description
--studyid <string>
(0020,0010) Study ID
--studyinstanceuid <string>
(0020,000d) Study Instance UID
--patientweight <WW>
(0010,1030) Patient Weight
--patientage <###Y/M>
(0010,1010) Patient Age
--patientsex <M|F|O>
(0010,0040) Patient Sex
--patientdob <AAAAMMGG>
(0010,0030) Patient Date of Birth
--patientid <string>
(0010,0020) Patient ID
--patientname <COGNOME NOME>
(0010,0010) Patient Name
--referringphysiciansname <string>
(0008,0090) Referring Physician's Name
--institutionname <string>
(0008,0080) Institution Name
--manufacturersmodelname <string>
(0008,1090) Manufacturer's Model Name
--manufacturer <string>
(0008,0070) Manufacturer
--protocolname <string>
(0018,1030) Protocol Name
--softwareversion <string>
(0018,1020) Software Version(s)
--imagetype <string>
(0008,0008) Image Type
--modality <string>
(0008,0060) Modality
--sopclassuid <string>
(0008,0016) SOP Class UID
-d <string>, --dicomheaderfile <string>
File containing DICOM header to import
-y, --yes
Do not prompt for Accession Number Warning
-a <string>, --accessionnumber <string>
(0008,0050) Accession Number
--, --ignore_rest
Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.
Displays version information and exits.
-h, --help
Displays usage information and exits.
Converts NIfTI1 images to DICOM


Nifti2Dicom was primarily written by Daniele E. Domenichelli and Gabriele Arnulfo.