norsp(1) predictor of NOn-Regular Secondary Structure (NORS)


norsp [OPTIONS] -fileSeq <seq_file> -fileHssp <hssp_file> -filePhd <phd_file> -filePhdHtm <phdHtm_file> -fileCoils <coils_file>


Many structurally flexible regions play important roles in biological processes. It has been shown that extended loopy regions are very abundant in nature, and that they are evolutionarily conserved. NORSp is a publicly available predictor for disordered regions in protein. Specifically, it predicts long regions with no regular secondary structure. Upon user submission of protein sequence, NORSp will analyse the protein about its secondary structure, and presence of transmembrane helices and coiled-coil. It will then return e-mail to user about the presence and position of disordered regions.

NORSp can be useful for biologists in several ways. For example, crystallographers can check whether their proteins contain NORS regions and make the decision about whether to proceed with the experiments since NORS proteins may be difficult to crystallise, as demonstrated by the their low occurrence in PDB. Biologists interested in protein structure-function relationship may also find it interesting to verify whether the protein-protein interaction sites coincide with NORS region.

See official web site for help <>.

Output format

Self-annotating, see example outputs in /usr/share/doc/norsp/examples.


Liu, J. and Rost, B. (2003). NORSp: Predictions of long regions without regular secondary structure. Nucleic Acids Res, 31(13), 3833-5.
Liu, J., H. Tan and B. Rost. Loopy proteins appear conserved in evolution. J Mol Biol, 322(1):53-64, 2002.


input sequence file
input hssp file
input secondary structure file
input trans-membrane helices file
Input coiled coils file. Note that 'FILE_raw' is also read. Generate these with coils-wrap(1).
output prediction summary file
output prediction file
window size
max structure content
minimum consecutive exposed residues
output in HTML format
-v, --version
norsp version
debugging messages
-?, --help
help screen


 J. Liu and B. Rost


 norsp --win=70 --secCut=12 --accLen=10  -fileSeq /usr/share/doc/norsp/examples/query.fasta -fileHssp /usr/share/doc/norsp/examples/query.hssp -filePhd /usr/share/doc/norsp/examples/ -filePhdHtm /usr/share/doc/norsp/examples/query.phdHtm -fileCoils /usr/share/doc/norsp/examples/query.coils -o /tmp/query.nors -fileSum /tmp/query.sumNors


Directory with examples.