oneflow-template(1) Manage oneFlow Templates


oneflow-template command [args] [options]


 -j, --json                Print the resource in JSON
 -t, --top                 Top for the command
 -d, --delay x             Sets the delay in seconds for top command
 -s, --server url          Service endpoint
 -u, --username name       User name
 -p, --password pass       User password
 -V, --version             Show version and copyright information
 -h, --help                Show this message


list List the available Service Templates valid options: json
top List the available Service Templates continuously valid options: json, top, delay
create file Create a new Service Template valid options: json
show templateid Show detailed information of a given Service Template valid options: json
delete range|templateid_list Delete a given Service Template
instantiate templateid [file] Instantiate a Service Template valid options: json, top
chgrp range|templateid_list groupid Changes the service template group
chown range|templateid_list userid [groupid] Changes the service template owner and group
chmod range|templateid_list octet Changes the service template permissions
update templateid [file] Update the template contents. If a path is not provided the editor will be launched to modify the current content.


file Path to a file
range List of id's in the form 1,8..15
text String
groupid OpenNebula GROUP name or id
userid OpenNebula USER name or id
templateid OpenNebula SERVICE TEMPLATE name or id
templateid_list Comma-separated list of OpenNebula SERVICE TEMPLATE names or ids


OpenNebula 4.12.3 Copyright 2002-2015, OpenNebula Project (, C12G Labs

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at