opensipsdbctl(8) control tool for maintaining OpenSIPS databases



opensipsdbctl command [ parameters ]


opensipsdbctl is a control tool for maintaining OpenSIPS SIP server databases. It can be used to create, migrate, copy, delete, dump and restore the persistence databases for OpenSIPS, on the supported Engines.




OpenSIPS databases management:
db create <db name or db_path, optional>
creates a new database
db presence
adds the presence related tables
db extra
adds the extra tables
db migrate <old_db> <new_db>
migrates DB from 1.5 to 1.6
db drop <db name or db_path, optional>
!entirely deletes tables!
db reinit <db name or db_path, optional>
!entirely deletes and than re-creates tables!
db backup <file>
dumps current database to file
db restore <file>
restores tables from a file
db copy <new_db>
creates a new db from an existing one

OpenSIPS Berkeley DB tables management:
bdb | db_berkeley list
lists the underlying db files in DB_PATH
bdb | db_berkeley cat <db>
db_dump the underlying db file to STDOUT
bdb | db_berkeley swap <db>
installs by db -> db.old; -> db
bdb | db_berkeley append <db> <datafile>
appends data to an existing db;output DB_PATH/
bdb | db_berkeley newappend <db> <datafile>
appends data to a new instance of db; output DB_PATH/
bdb | db_berkeley export <dump_dir>
exports table data to plain-txt files in dump_dir
bdb | db_berkeley import <dump_dir>
imports plain-txt table data and creates new db tables in db_path


see /usr/share/doc/opensips/AUTHORS

This manual page was written by Alejandro Rios P. <[email protected]>, based on opensipsctl manpage by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).