osgearth_backfill(1) specialty tool for post-processing TMS datasets


osgearth_backfill tms.xml [--bounds xmin ymin xmax ymax | --min-level level | --max-level level | --db-options options]


osgearth_backfill is a specialty tool that is used to post-process TMS datasets. Some web mapping services use completely different datasets at different zoom levels. For example, they may use NASA BlueMarble imagery until they reach level 4, then abruptly switch to LANDSAT data. This is fine for 2D slippy map visualization but can be visually distracting when viewed in 3D because neighboring tiles at different LODs look completely different.

osgearth_backfill lets you generate a TMS dataset like you normally would (using osgearth_package(1), or another tool) and then "backfill" lower levels of detail from a specified higher level of detail. For example, you can specify a max level of 10 and LODs 0-9 will be regenerated based on the data found in level 10.


Path to the tms.xml file
--bounds xmin ymin xmax ymax
bounds to backfill (in map coordinates; default=entire map)
--min-level level
The minimum level to stop backfilling to. (default=0)
--max-level level
The level to start backfilling from. (default=inf)
--db-options options
db options string to pass to the image writer in quotes (e.g., "JPEG_QUALITY 60")