osgearth_cache(1) manage osgEarth's cache


osgearth_cache [--list | --seed | --estimate | --threads | --min-level level | --max-level level | --bounds xmin ymin xmax ymax | --index shapefile | --cache-path path | --cache-type type | --purge] file.earth


osgearth_cache can be used to manage osgEarth's cache. The most common usage of osgearth_cache is to populate a cache in a non-interactive manner using the --seed argument. See Caching <http://docs.osgearth.org/en/latest/user/caching.html> for more information on caching.


Lists info about the cache in a .earth file
Seeds the cache in a .earth file
Print out an estimation of the number of tiles, disk space and time it will take to perform this seed operation
The number of threads to use for the seed operation (default=1)
--min-level level
Lowest LOD level to seed (default=0)
--max-level level
Highest LOD level to seed (default=highest available)
--bounds xmin ymin xmax ymax
Geospatial bounding box to seed (in map coordinates; default=entire map)
--index shapefile
Loads a shapefile (.shp) and uses the feature extents to set the cache seeding bounding box(es). For each feature in the shapefile, adds a bounding box (similar to --bounds) to constrain the region you wish to cache.
--cache-path path
Overrides the cache path in the .earth file
--cache-type type
Overrides the cache type in the .earth file
Purges a layer cache in a .earth file
Path to the earth file