osgearth_tfs(1) generate a TFS dataset from a feature source


osgearth_tfs filename [--first-level level | --max-level level | --max-features number | --out path | --layer layer | --description description | --expression expression | --order-by order | --crop | --dest-srs SRS]


osgearth_tfs generates a TFS dataset from a feature source such as a shapefile. By pre-processing your features into the gridded structure provided by TFS you can significantly increase performance of large datasets. In addition, the TFS package generated can be served by any standard web server, web enabling your dataset.


Shapefile (or other feature source data file)
--first-level level
The first level where features will be added to the quadtree
--max-level level
The maximum level of the feature quadtree
--max-features number
The maximum number of features per tile
--out path
The destination directory
--layer layer
The name of the layer to be written to the metadata document
--description description
The abstract/description of the layer to be written to the metadata document
--expression expression
The expression to run on the feature source, specific to the feature source
--order-by order
Sort the features, if not already included in the expression. Append DESC for descending order!
Crops features instead of doing a centroid check. Features can be added to multiple tiles when cropping is enabled.
--dest-srs SRS
The destination SRS string in any format osgEarth can understand (wkt, proj4, epsg). If none is specific the source data SRS will be used.