osgearth_viewer(1) load and display a map


osgearth_viewer earthfile.earth [--sky | --ocean | --kml file.kml | --coords | --dms | --dd | --mgrs | --ortho | --autoclip | --images path | --image-extensions * | --out-earth out.earth]


osgearth_viewer can load and display a map from the command line. The osgEarth EarthManipulator is used to control the camera and is optimized for viewing geospatial data.


Path to the earth file
Installs a SkyNode (sun, moon, stars and atmosphere..globe only)
Installs a sample ocean surface node
--kml file.kml
Loads a KML or KMZ file
Displays map coords under mouse
Displays map coords as degrees/mins/seconds
Displays map coords as decimal degrees
Displays map coords as MGRS
Installs an orthographic camera projection
Installs an automatic clip plane handler
--images path
Finds images in [path] and loads them as image layers
--image-extensions *
With --images, only considers the listed extensions
--out-earth out.earth
With --images, writes out an earth file