PAPI_get_dmem_info(3) Get information about the dynamic memory usage of the current program.


Detailed Description

C Prototype:

#include <papi.h>

 int PAPI_get_dmem_info( PAPI_dmem_info_t *dest );


dest structure to be filled in PAPI_dmem_info_t

Return values:

PAPI_ECMP The function is not implemented for the current component.
PAPI_EINVAL Any value in the structure or array may be undefined as indicated by this error value.
PAPI_SYS A system error occurred.


This function is only implemented for the Linux operating system. This function takes a pointer to a PAPI_dmem_info_t structure and returns with the structure fields filled in. A value of PAPI_EINVAL in any field indicates an undefined parameter.

See Also:

PAPI_get_executable_info PAPI_get_hardware_info PAPI_get_opt PAPI_library_init


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