Path::Dispatcher::Declarative(3) sugary dispatcher


package MyApp::Dispatcher;
use Path::Dispatcher::Declarative -base;
on score => sub { show_score() };
on ['wield', qr/^\w+$/] => sub { wield_weapon($2) };
rewrite qr/^inv/ => "display inventory";
under display => sub {
on inventory => sub { show_inventory() };
on score => sub { show_score() };
package Interpreter;


Jifty::Dispatcher rocks!


dispatcher -> Dispatcher

Returns the Path::Dispatcher object for this class; the object that the sugar is modifying. This is useful for adding custom rules through the regular API, and inspection.

dispatch path -> Dispatch

Invokes the dispatcher on the given path and returns a Path::Dispatcher::Dispatch object. Acts as a keyword within the same package; otherwise as a method (since these declarative dispatchers are supposed to be used by other packages).

run path, args

Performs a dispatch then invokes the ``run'' in Path::Dispatcher::Dispatch method on it.

on path => sub {}

Adds a rule to the dispatcher for the given path. The path may be:
a string
This is taken to mean a single token; creates an Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Tokens rule.
an array reference
This is creates a Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Tokens rule.
a regular expression
This is creates a Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Regex rule.
a code reference
This is creates a Path::Dispatcher::Rule::CodeRef rule.

under path => sub {}

Creates a Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Under rule. The contents of the coderef should be nothing other ``on'' and "under" calls.

then sub { }

Creates a Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Always rule that will continue on to the next rule via "next_rule"

The only argument is a coderef that processes normally (like on).

NOTE: You *can* avoid running a following rule by using "last_rule".

An example:

    under show => sub {
        then {
            print "Displaying ";
        on inventory => sub {
            print "inventory:\n";
        on score => sub {
            print "score:\n";


Shawn M Moore, "<sartak at>"


Please report any bugs or feature requests to "bug-path-dispatcher-declarative at", or through the web interface at <>.


Copyright 2008-2010 Best Practical Solutions.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.