PDL::Graphics::OpenGL::Perl::OpenGL(3) PDL TriD OpenGL interface using POGL


Version 0.01_10


This module provides the glue between the Perl OpenGL functions and the API defined by the internal PDL::Graphics::OpenGL one. It also supports any miscellaneous OpenGL or GUI related functionality to support PDL::Graphics::TriD refactoring.

You should eventually be able to replace:

use PDL::Graphics::OpenGL
use PDL::Graphics::OpenGL::Perl::OpenGL;

This module also includes support for FreeGLUT and GLUT instead of X11+GLX as mechanism for creating windows and graphics contexts.


See the documentation for the OpenGL module. More details to follow as the refactored TriD module interface and build environment matures





Returns a new OpenGL object with attributes specified in the options field, and of the 3d window type, if specified. These attributes are:

  x,y - the position of the upper left corner of the window (0,0)
  width,height - the width and height of the window in pixels (500,500)
  parent - the parent under which the new window should be opened (root)
  mask - the user interface mask (StructureNotifyMask)
  attributes - attributes to pass to glXChooseVisual

Allowed 3d window types, case insensitive, are:

  glut - use Perl OpenGL bindings and GLUT windows (no Tk)
  x11  - use Perl OpenGL (POGL) bindings with X11 (disabled)

default GLUT callbacks

These routines are set as the default GLUT callbacks for when GLUT windows are used for PDL/POGL. Their only function at the moment is to drive an fake XEvent queue to feed the existing TriD GUI controls. At some point, the X11 stuff will the deprecated and we can rewrite this more cleanly.


default options for object oriented methods


OO interface to XPending


OO interface to XResizeWindow


OO interface to glpXNextEvent


OO interface to the glpRasterFont function


If the function is not prototyped in OO we assume there is no explicit mention of the three identifying parameters (Display, Window, Context) and try to load the OpenGL function.


OO interface to the glXSwapBuffers function


Chris Marshall, "<devel dot chm dot 01 at gmail.com>"


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TBD including PDL TriD developers and POGL developers...thanks to all.


Copyright 2009 Chris Marshall.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See http://dev.perl.org/licenses/ for more information.