pegasus-archive(1) Compresses a workflow submit directory in a way that allows pegasus-dashboard, pegasus-statistics, pegasus-plots, and pegasus-analyzer to keep working.


pegasus-archive [-h][-v][-x] submit_dir


pegasus-archive significantly reduces the size of workflow submit directories by compressing the data in a way such that it remains accessible to tools such as pegasus-statistics, pegasus-plots, and pegasus-analyzer. It creates a .tar.gz archive of the submit files and logs that excludes files such as the stampede database, braindump file, and monitord logs, which are used by pegasus reporting tools.


-h, --help

Prints a usage summary with all the available command-line options.

-v, --verbose

Print detailed messages about the archiving process.

-x, --extract

Un-archive a previously archived submit directory. This option returns the submit directory to the state it was before pegasus-archive was applied to it.


Gideon Juve <m[blue][email protected]m[][1]>

Pegasus Team m[blue]http://pegasus.isi.edum[]