Phing(1) PHing command line interface


phing [,options/] [,target /[,target2 /[,target3/] ...]]


-h -help
print this message
-l -list
list available targets in this project
-v -version
print the version information and exit
-q -quiet
be extra quiet
-S -silent
print nothing but task outputs and build failures
be extra verbose
print debugging information
-emacs, -e
produce logging information without adornments
print diagnostics information
show target descriptions during build
-logfile <file>
use given file for log
-logger <classname>
the class which is to perform logging
-listener <classname>
add an instance of class as a project listener
-f -buildfile <file>
use given buildfile
use value for given property
-keep-going, -k
execute all targets that do not depend on failed target(s)
-propertyfile <file>
load all properties from file
-find <file>
search for buildfile towards the root of the filesystem and use it
-inputhandler <file>
the class to use to handle user input


Report bugs to <[email protected]>