PHP_Depend(1) PHP_Depend command line interface


pdepend [,options/] [,logger/] ,<dir/[,,dir/[,,/...]],>/


PHP_Depend 1.1.4 by Manuel Pichler
Generates a diagram of the analyzed packages.
Generates the package dependency log.
--overview-pyramid=<file> Generates a chart with an Overview Pyramid for the
analyzed project.
Generates a xml log with all metrics.
--coderank-mode=<*[,...]> Used CodeRank strategies. Comma separated list of
'inheritance'(default), 'property' and 'method'.
Clover style CodeCoverage report, as produced by PHPUnit's --coverage-clover option.
Optional PHP_Depend configuration file.
List of valid PHP file extensions.
List of exclude directories.
List of exclude packages.
Do not parse doc comment annotations.
Prints debugging information.
Print this help text.
Print the current version.
-d key[=value]
Sets a php.ini value.