pmap_remove(9) remove pages from a physical map

Other Alias

pmap_remove_all, pmap_remove_pages


In sys/param.h In vm/vm.h In vm/pmap.h Ft void Fn pmap_remove pmap_t pmap vm_offset_t sva vm_offset_t eva Ft void Fn pmap_remove_all vm_page_t m Ft void Fn pmap_remove_pages pmap_t pmap


The Fn pmap_remove function removes the range of addresses between Fa sva and Fa eva from the physical map Fa pmap . If Fa eva is less than Fa sva , then the result is undefined. It is assumed that both Fa sva and Fa eva are page-aligned addresses.

The Fn pmap_remove_all removes the physical page Fa m from all physical maps in which it resides, and reflects back the modify bits to the appropriate pager.

The Fn pmap_remove_pages function removes all user pages from the physical map Fa pmap . This function is called when a process exits to run down its address space more quickly than would be the case for calling Fn pmap_remove .


This manual page was written by An Bruce M Simpson Aq [email protected] .