pob-3119(1) receive RTP RFC 3119 MP3 streams


pob-3119 [ -s address ] [ -p port ] [ -b size ] [ -q ]


pob-3119 receives a RTP MP3 Stream using the protocol described in RFC 3119. The incoming stream is buffered and written to standard out in order to be fed into a MP3 decoder.


-s address
Specify the address to listen to (default If the address is a multicast address, group membership is requested automatically.
-p port
Specify the port to listen to.
-b size
Specify the maximal number of packet that are hold in the ring buffer (default 128).
Don't output any information on standard error.


pob-3119 -s -p 8989 | mpg123 -
Receive the MP3 RTP stream sent to on port 8989 and feed it into the MP3 decoder mpg123.


Manuel Odendahl <[email protected]>, Florian Wesch <[email protected]>