Pod::Simple::Wiki::Template(3) A class for creating Pod to Template wiki filters.


This module isn't used directly. Instead it is called via "Pod::Simple::Wiki":

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Pod::Simple::Wiki;
my $parser = Pod::Simple::Wiki->new('template');

Convert Pod to a Template wiki format using the installed "pod2wiki" utility:

    pod2wiki --style template file.pod > file.wiki


This module is used as a boiler plate or example of how to create a new "Pod::Simple::Wiki::" module. See the Portme section below.

The "Pod::Simple::Wiki::Template" module is used for converting Pod text to Wiki text.

Pod (Plain Old Documentation) is a simple markup language used for writing Perl documentation.

For an introduction to Template see: <http://www.portme.org>.

This module isn't generally invoked directly. Instead it is called via "Pod::Simple::Wiki". See the Pod::Simple::Wiki and pod2wiki documentation for more information.


This module is used as a boiler plate or example of how to create a new "Pod::Simple::Wiki::" module.

If you are thinking of creating a new "Pod::Simple::Wiki::" you should use this module as a basis.

Portme. Any comments in the code or documentation that begin with or contain the word "portme" are intended for the "porter", the person who is creating the new module. You should read all of the "portme" comments and eventually delete them when the module is finished.

The following are some suggested steps in porting the module. For the sake of example say we wish to convert Pod to a format called "portmewiki". Also for the sake of this example we will assume that you know how to install and work on a module or work on it in a local source tree using "-I./lib" or "-Mblib".

Portme Step 1

Fork, clone or download the latest version of "Pod::Simple::Wiki" from the github repository: <http://github.com/jmcnamara/pod-simple-wiki/>

Copy the "/lib/Pod/Simple/Wiki/Template.pm" to a new module "/lib/Pod/Simple/Wiki/Portmewiki.pm".

The module name should have the first letter capitalised and all others lowercase, i.e, the same as returned by "ucfirst()".

Portme Step 2

Edit the module and replace all instances of "Template" with "Portmewiki" (case sensitive).

Then replace all instances of "template" with "portmewiki" (case sensitive).

Portme Step 3

The module should now work and can now be called as follows:

    use Pod::Simple::Wiki;
    my $parser = Pod::Simple::Wiki->new('portmewiki');

The default output format, in this configuration is Kwiki.

Portme Step 4

Write some tests.

Copy the tests in the "/t" directory for one of formats that is similar to the format that you are porting.

Portme Step 5

Modify the source of "Portmewiki.pm" until all the tests pass and you are happy with the output format.

Start by modifying the "tags" and then move on to the other methods.

If you encounter problems then you can turn on internal debugging:

    my $parser = Pod::Simple::Wiki->new('portmewiki');
    Or for more debug information that you can deal with:
    # At the start of your program and before anything else:
    use Pod::Simple::Debug (5);

If you find yourself with a difficult porting issue then you may also wish to read Pod::Simple::Methody and Pod::Simple::Subclassing.

Try to maintain the code style of this module. See the source for more information.

Portme Step 6

Remove or replace all "portme" comments.

Portme Step 7

Send me a git pull request on Github with libs and tests and I'll release it to CPAN.


Pod::Simple::Wiki::Template inherits all of the methods of "Pod::Simple" and "Pod::Simple::Wiki". See Pod::Simple and Pod::Simple::Wiki for more details.

Template Specific information

Portme: Add some information specific to the Template format or this module here. If required.


Thanks to Portme McPortme and Portme O'Portme for patches, documentation or bugfixes.


Please refer to the DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY in Pod::Simple::Wiki.


John McNamara [email protected]

Portme McPortme [email protected]


MMIII-MMXV, John McNamara.

All Rights Reserved. This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as Perl itself.