pop_auth(1) set an user's APOP secret


pop_auth [-a] [! | name ...]


Pop_auth asks user for his APOP secret and stores this secret after encryption in ~/.spop3d file. Used encryption is very weak and protects only from curious system administrator who accidentialy looks at ~/.spop3d file. Don't use your account password as the APOP secret!!!

Pop_auth will set APOP secret for all maildrop names specified in the command line. You can use the special ! name to specifiy your default maildrop. If called without any arguments, pop_auth will set APOP secret for the default maildrop.


Set the same APOP secret for all maildrops definied in ~/.spop3d


User configuration file. APOP secret is written here.


Jerzy Balamut <[email protected]>