PPI::XS(3) (Minor) XS acceleration for PPI


PPI::XS provides XS-based acceleration of the core PPI packages. It selectively replaces a (small but growing) number of methods throughout PPI with identical but much faster C versions.

Once installed, it will be auto-detected and loaded in by PPI completely transparently.

Because the C implementations are linked to the perl versions of the same function, it is preferable to upgrade PPI::XS any time you do a major upgrade of PPI itself.

If the two fall out of sync, the integration between the two is designed to degrade gracefully. PPI::XS is capable of determining which functions are no longer equal, and will simple leave the perl version alone, deleting the C version to free up the memory.

If the versions of the two get so far apart that they become completely incompatible, PPI::XS will simply silently not load at all.

Beyond that, there isn't that much more you really need to know. :)


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Adam Kennedy <[email protected]>


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