proutes(1) Python 2 Pyramid command


proutes ,config_uri/


Print all URL dispatch routes used by a Pyramid application in the order in which they are evaluated. Each route includes the name of the route, the pattern of the route, and the view callable which will be invoked when the route is matched. This command accepts one positional argument named 'config_uri'. It specifies the PasteDeploy config file to use for the interactive shell. The format is 'inifile#name'. If the name is left off, 'main' will be assumed. Example: 'proutes myapp.ini'.


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-g GLOB, --glob=,GLOB/
Display routes matching glob pattern
-f FORMAT, --format=,FORMAT/
Choose which columns to display, this will override the format key in the [proutes] ini section