pycardsyncer(1) synchronizes CardDAV resources to local db


pycardsyncer [OPTIONS]


pycardsyncer(1) synchronizes remote CardDAV resources to a local database that can then be queried and modified with pc_query(1).


-a, --account=NAME

Sync only the account/resource NAME (this option can be used more than once).

-c, --config=CONFIG

Use the configuration file CONFIG, otherwise pycardsyncer will look in $HOME/.pycard/ and $HOME/.config/pycard/ for files named pycard.conf.


This option enables debugging output.

-h, --help

Print a small help text and exit.

-v, --version

Print pycardsyncer's version number and exit.


pycardsyncer was mostly written by Christian Geier, with a lot of help by others, see CONTRIBUTORS.txt in the pycarddav distribution.


Main web site: Please report bugs via the contact information at the above web site or via github:


Copyright (C) 2011-2013 Christian Geier and Contributors. pycardsyncer and pycarddav are released under the terms of the Expat/MIT license, see the COPYING file distributed with pycarddav.