RDF::Query::Algebra::Update(3) Algebra class for UPDATE operations


This document describes RDF::Query::Algebra::Update version 2.916.


Beyond the methods documented below, this class inherits methods from the RDF::Query::Algebra class.
"new ( $delete_template, $insert_template, $pattern, \%dataset, $data_only_flag )"
Returns a new UPDATE structure.
Returns a list of arguments that, passed to this class' constructor, will produce a clone of this algebra pattern.
Returns the SSE string for this algebra expression.
Returns the SPARQL string for this algebra expression.
Returns a list of the blank node names used in this algebra expression.
Returns true if blank nodes respect the SPARQL rule of no blank-label re-use across BGPs, otherwise throws a RDF::Query::Error::QueryPatternError exception.


 Gregory Todd Williams <[email protected]>