s5(1) set up and update S5 presentations


[-Nv [-d dir ] ] [-f configfile ] [-t template ] [-T full ] blank path
[-Nv [-d dir ] ] [-f configfile ] [-t template ] [-T full ] cksum path
[-Nv [-d dir ] ] [-f configfile ] [-t template ] [-T full ] mksum path
[-Nv [-d dir ] ] [-f configfile ] [-t template ] [-T full ] update path



The tool eases the creation of presentation slides using the ``Simple Standards-based Slide Show System'' It may be used to create a working copy of a template directory or, later, to update the working copy after the template has changed over time.

The tool supports the following command-line options:

Specify the top-level directory containing the available templates.
Display a short help text and exit.
No-operation mode; just display the commands without executing them.
-t template
Specify the template within the directory given by the -d option.
-T full
Specify the full path to the template directory instead of the default /usr/share/s5/s5-blank
Verbose operation; display diagnostic information.

The tool supports the following actions:

blank path
Aliases: create new

Copy the template directory into the directory specified by path creating it if necessary.

cksum path
Aliases: check verify

Verify the checksums recorded for the S5 presentation files in the directory specified by path The utility reports both files that have been modified (fail the checksum check) and files that no longer exist yet have checksums recorded.

Alias: usage

Display a short help message and exit.

mksum path
Record the template checksums into a file in a directory specified by path Users should never really have to execute this by hand, since it is done internally as part of the blank and update command processing.
update path
Update the S5 presentation files in the directory specified by path with the new versions in the S5 template directory.

Before updating, the utility verifies the checksums of the files in the path directory, and terminates if a mismatch is found. After that, checks for any files that exist in both the new template and in the path directory, but are not recorded in the checksum file (i.e. have been placed in path by hand after the last blank or update run) and terminates if any such files differ.

If all these checks are successful, the utility copies the template files over those in path overwriting any existing files and retaining any files that do not exist in the template directory.


The utility's operation may be customized by specifying some common parameters in a configuration file that is read at each invocation. There are two configuration files - the global /etc/s5.conf and a per-user .s5.conf in the user's home directory. The global file is read first; the per-user file may override any of its settings.

The configuration file has simple shell-like syntax; its purpose is merely to optionally set some variables. Lines starting with the ``#'' character are ignored as comments. The variables that affect the operation of are:

The top-level directory containing all the templates; overridden by the command-line -d option. Default: /usr/share/s5
The name of the template to use, a subdirectory within S5_DIR overridden by the command-line -t option. Default: s5-blank


The utility stores the checksums of blank S5 presentations into a file named s5-checksums.txt into the presentation directory. This is a simple text file with lines containing of a keyword and values. The keywords that the utility currently generates and parses are as follows:

CKSUM_CMD checksum-program
The name of the checksum program to use; the default is cksum(1).
CKSUM_ARGS [[argument...] ]
The arguments (if any) passed to the checksum program as defined by the CKSUM_CMD line. The default is an empty string, no arguments passed.
FILE filename
The name of the file that the following CKSUM line refers to.
CKSUM checksum-line-text
The output of the checksum command as specified by CKSUM_CMD and CKSUM_ARGS conflated into a single line.


Start a brand new presentation:

s5 blank ~/txt/openfest/2006/gnupg-pres
cd ~/txt/openfest/2006/gnupg-pres/
mv s5-blank/ gnupg/

Verify if any of the S5 files in the presentation have been modified:

s5 cksum gnupg/

Do the same, but display verbose information about the lines read from the checksums file and the files verified:

s5 -v cksum gnupg/

Update the S5 presentation files after installing a new system-wide version of the S5 template:

s5 update gnupg/

Store the checksums of the S5 template files ( not the real files in the presentation directory!) into the s5-checksums.txt file in the gnupg/ directory; this is actually redundant, as it is done as part of the blank invocation:

s5 mksum gnupg/


The Simple Standards-based Slide Show System was written by An Eric Meyer based on earlier work by An Tantek Çelik . The tool and this manual page were written by An Peter Pentchev in 2008.


An Eric Meyer Aq [email protected] An Tantek Çelik Aq [email protected] An Peter Pentchev Aq [email protected]