savephfig(3) save a physical figure on disk


#include "mpu.h"
void savephfig(ptfig)
phfig_list *ptfig;


Pointer to the phfig to write on disk


savephfig writes on disk the contents of the figure pointer to by ptfig. All the figure lists are ran through, and the appropriate objects written, independently of the figure mode.
The savephfig function in fact performs a call to a driver, choosen by the MBK_OUT_PH(1) environment variable. The directory in which the file is to be written is the one set by MBK_WORK_LIB(1). See MBK_OUT_PH(1), MBK_WORK_LIB(1) and mbkenv(3) for details.


"*** mbk error *** not supported physical output format 'xxx'"
The environment variable MBK_OUT_PH is not set to a legal physical format.
"*** mbk error *** savephfig : could not open file figname.ext"
Either the directory or the file are write protected, so it's not possible to open figname.ext, where ext is the file format extension, for writting.


#include "mpu.h"
void save_na2_y()