getphfig(3) give back a pointer to a phfig


#include "mph.h"
phfig_list *getphfig(figname, mode)
char *figname;
char mode;


Name of the figure to be created mode Demanded mode for the figure


getphfig returns a pointer to the figure called figname with the warranty that the expected information is present in memory.
If mode is 'A' then the figure has all its lists filled, else the figure may either be complete or interface only.
This function allows to completly mask disk access for applications programs. If the figure is in memory, with the specified mode, then the function returns the appropriate pointer. Else, the function performs a call to the loadphfig(3) and returns a pointer to the loaded figure.


getphfig returns a pointer to the wanted figure.


getphfig cannot give any errors, but the subsequent calls it performs to parsers do. So the source of trouble may be the call to getphfig. See loadphfig(3) for details.


#include "mph.h"
phfig_list *na2_y()
   /* find in memory or load from disk na2_y */
   return getphfig("na2_y", 'A');