addphfig(3) create a new physical cell model


#include "mph.h"
phfig_list *addphfig(figname)
char *figname;


Name of the figure to be created


addphfig creates a new figure called figname and adds it to the list of figure in memory. The new figure is added in front of the list, and becomes itself the list head. No check is performed to see if a figure with the figname exists on disk. If it is the case, the preexisting file will be erased while saving.
The fields PHCON, PHINS, PHSEG, PHVIA, PHREF and USER are set to NULL.
The fields XAB1, YAB1, XAB2, XAB2 are set to 0L.
The field MODE is set to 'A'.
The field NEXT points to the previous head of list.


addphfig returns a pointer to the newly created figure.


"*** mbk error *** illegal addphfig figure figname already exists"
There is already a figure called figname in memory, so it's impossible to give this name to a cell to be created.


#include "mph.h"
phfig_list *get_the_fig(name)
char *name;
phfig_list *pt, *fill_fig(/* phfig_list * */);
   /* scan figure list */
   for (pt = HEAD_PHFIG; pt; pt = pt->NEXT)
      if (!strcmp(pt->NAME, figname))
   return pt ? pt : fill_fig(addphfig(figname));