seqsplit(1) split seqs into chunks of defined size and overlap


seqsplit [-options] <seqfile>


This manual page documents briefly the seqsplit command.

seqsplit is a program that splits sequences into smaller chunks of defined size and overlap; output a FASTA file.


Help; display usage and version.
-o <file>
Output the new FASTA file to <file>.
--fragfile <f>
Save one-line-per-frag coord summary file to <f>.
--informat <s>
Specify sequence file format <s>.
--length <n>
Set max length of each unique seq frag to <n>.
--overlap <n>
Set overlap length to <n> (total frag size = length+overlap).
Use short "frag1" names, not "<src>/<from>-<to>".


Still working in 32 bits -- no sequence can be more than 2 GB in size.


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This manual page was written by Nelson A. de Oliveira <[email protected]>,
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