stapvars(3) systemtap variables


The following sections enumerate the public variables provided by standard tapsets installed, (the installation path is show in the stappaths (7) manual page). Each variable is described with a type, and its behavior/restrictions. The syntax is the same as printed with the stap option -p2. Examples:

Variable "example1" contains an integer.

example2:string [long]
Variable "example2" is an array of strings, indexed by integers.


Contains the value of the $# value: the number of command line arguments passed to the systemtap script. It is initialized with an implicit begin(-1) probe.

argv:string [long]
Contains each command line argument as a string. argv[1] will equal @1 if there was at least one command line argument. Arguments beyond #32 are not transcribed, and produce a warning message within the begin(-1) probe that initializes this array.


Simply defined as the number 0.


More files and their corresponding paths can be found in the stappaths (7) manual page.