streamtuner2(1) Browser for internet radio stations


streamtuner2 command [ channel,... ] [ title ]


Streamtuner2 is a graphical application for browsing through internet radio station directories, like and or It is written in Python and easy to extend. And besides the grapical interface, has a commandline interface.


Prints out a summary of available commands.

Cached data

stream channel title
Searches for a station with the given title. Either looks in a single channel, or scans all plugins.
url channel title
Prints out only the streaming URL.
play [channel] title
Invokes the configured audio player.

Instantly retrieve data from directory service

categories channelname
Returns a nested JSON list of all categories/genres.
category "channelname" "Category"
Prints out a JSON list of the genre. Each entry constains title, url and other meta information. Note that the category must have the exact case.


streamtuner2 stream shoutcast,xiph "Top 100"
Searches for the term "Top 100" in the shoutcast and xiph channels, and returns all info about the first match as JSON output.
streamtuner2 play frequence3
Looks for the first occourence, and starts the audio player for FREQUENCE3.


There's only one option for the graphical UI mode:

Loads Gtk3 via PyGI instead of Gtk2. This is implicit when running on Python3 anyway.