svgpp(1) font converter for SVG


<ttf-path> [-l <range-begin>] [-h <range-end>] [-autorange] [-ascii] [-id <id>] [-o <output-path>] [-testcard]


Converts a true type font into a SVG font. <ttf-path> is the path of the font file to convert.


-l range-begin -h range-end
specifies the range of characters (by codepoint, in decimal) to be converted,

forces usage of the ASCII character map in the font, instead of the Unicode character map,

-id id
specifies the value for the id attribute of the generated font element,

-o output-path
specifies the pathname of the output SVG document containing the generated SVG font

specifies that a sequence of SVG text elements should be appended to the output SVG file to test the characters in the SVG font, providing an easy way to validate that generated SVG font visually.


This program is a shell script wrapper based on java-wrappers(7). You therefore benefit from several features; please see the java-wrappers(7) manual page for more information about them.


ttf2svg is part of batik, written by the Apache Software Foundation.

This manual page was written by Vincent Fourmond <[email protected]> for the Debian Project, but may be used by others.