SVN::Web::I18N(3) SVN::Web internationalisation class


use SVN::Web::I18N; # Nothing exported
# Add a directory that contains .po and/or .mo files
# Specify the current language
# Get a translated string
my $xlated = SVN::Web::I18N::loc('(a string to translate)');


SVN::Web::I18N provides the interface through which SVN::Web is internationalised, and how different localisations are implemented.



Adds a new directory to the list of directories in which localisations will be found. Any *.po and *.mo files in this directory will automatically be scanned for localisations, and added to the language key given by the file's basename.

In case where two different directories both contain a localisation file that defines the same localisation key for the same language, the localisation key from the most recently added directory will be used.


Selects the language to use for subsequent calls to "loc()". The $lang parameter should be a valid language name --- i.e., there must exist at least one $lang.po file in one of the directories used in a call to "SVN::Web::I18N::add_directory()".



SVN::Web::I18N::loc($text, $param1, ...)

Returns the localised form of $text according to the localisation selected by the most recent call to "loc_lang()".

If the localisation expects parameters to fill in the localisation result they should be passed as the second and subsequent arguments.

If $text does not have a defined localised form it is returned with the parameters interpolated in to it.


Nik Clayton "<[email protected]>"


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