svxlink(1) A general purpose voice services system for ham radio use


svxlink [--help] [--daemon] [--logfile=log file] [--config=configuration file] [--pidfile=pid file] [--runasuser=user name]


svxlink is a general purpose voice service system for ham radio use. The SvxLink project contains multiple applications and this man-page describe the SvxLink server.


Print a help message and exit.
Start the SvxLink server as a daemon.
Start the SvxLink server as the specified user. The switch to the new user will happen after the log and pid files has been opened.
--logfile=log file
Specify a log file to put all output into. Both stdout and stderr will be redirected to the log file.
--pidfile=pid file
Specify a pid file to write the process ID into.
--config=configuration file
Specify which configuration file to use.


/etc/svxlink/svxlink.conf (or deprecated /etc/svxlink.conf)
The system wide configuration file. See svxlink.conf(5) for further details.
Per user configuration file. See svxlink.conf(5) for further details.
Additional configuration files. Typically one configuration file per module.


Set this environment variable to 1 if you get an error about ioctl: Broken pipe during startup of the SvxLink server when using OSS audio.
Used to find the per user configuration file.


Tobias Blomberg (SM0SVX) <sm0svx at users dot sourceforge dot net>


SvxLink Devel <svxlink-devel at lists dot sourceforge dot net>