swift-init(1) Openstack-swift swift-init tool


 <server> [<server> ...] <command> [options]


The swift-init tool can be used to initialize all swift daemons available as part of openstack-swift. Instead of calling individual init scripts for each swift daemon, one can just use swift-init. With swift-init you can initialize just one swift service, such as the "proxy", or a combination of them. The tool also allows one to use the keywords such as "all", "main" and "rest" for the <server> argument.


- Initializes the swift proxy daemon

object, object-replicator, object-auditor, object-updater
- Initializes the swift object daemons above

container, container-update, container-replicator, container-auditor
- Initializes the swift container daemons above

account, account-auditor, account-reaper, account-replicator
- Initializes the swift account daemons above

- Initializes all the swift daemons

- Initializes all the main swift daemons
(proxy, container, account and object servers)

- Initializes all the other swift background daemons
(updater, replicator, auditor, reaper, etc)


force-reload: alias for reload
no-daemon: start a server interactively
no-wait: spawn server and return immediately
once: start server and run one pass on supporting daemons
reload: graceful shutdown then restart on supporting servers
restart: stops then restarts server
shutdown: allow current requests to finish on supporting servers
start: starts a server
status: display status of tracked pids for server
stop: stops a server


-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose display verbose output
-w, --no-wait won't wait for server to start before returning
-o, --once only run one pass of daemon
-n, --no-daemon start server interactively
-g, --graceful send SIGHUP to supporting servers
-c N, --config-num=N send command to the Nth server only
-k N, --kill-wait=N wait N seconds for processes to die (default 15)
-r RUN_DIR, --run-dir=RUN_DIR directory where the pids will be stored (default /var/run/swift)


More documentation about Openstack-Swift can be found at http://swift.openstack.org/index.html