sxacl-usermod(1) change user settings


sxacl usermod [,OPTIONS/] ,<username> sx:///[,profile@/],cluster/


sxacl usermod is used to modify settings of existing users. Only cluster administrators can perform such changes.


-h, --help
Print help and exit
Print help, including hidden options, and exit
-V, --version
Print version and exit
-q, --quota=,SIZE/
Set total quota for all volumes owned by this user (allows K,M,G,T suffixes). The user will not be able to store more data than this limit across all of the volumes it owns.
-d, --description=,STRING/
Set or change the optional description of the user.
-c, --config-dir=,PATH/
Path to the SX configuration directory (default: ~/.sx)
-D, --debug
Enable debug messages.


To set the quota of user user 'joe' to 2GB run the following command:
sxacl usermod --quota=2G joe sx://admin@cluster