test-filter-module(1) A tester for Courier::Filter modules




test-filter-module module [options] message [+control ...] [...]


This is a tester for Courier::Filter modules. It sets up the specified Courier::Filter::Module::module filter module, using any supplied options, and then queries the filter module for consideration of the given message file and zero or more control files. More than one message/control files tuple may also be specified, in which case the filter module is applied to each message and its respective control file(s). Filter module options must be specified in the format -option=expr, where expr may be any valid Perl expression.


test-filter-module DNSBL -zones='["bl.foo.org", "bl.bar.org"]' test.rfc2822 +test.control
Applies the Courier::Filter::Module::DNSBL filter module to the test.rfc2822/test.control message/control file tuple (taking the sending machine's IP address from the control file), using the blacklist DNS zones "bl.foo.org" and "bl.bar.org".


Julian Mehnle <[email protected]>