textutil::repeat(1) Procedures to repeat strings.


package require Tcl 8.2

package require textutil::repeat ?0.7?

::textutil::repeat::strRepeat text num

::textutil::repeat::blank num


The package textutil::repeat provides commands to generate long strings by repeating a shorter string many times.

The complete set of procedures is described below.

::textutil::repeat::strRepeat text num
This command returns a string containing the text repeated num times. The repetitions are joined without characters between them. A value of num <= 0 causes the command to return an empty string.

Note: If the Tcl core the package is loaded in provides the command string repeat then this command will be implemented in its terms, for maximum possible speed. Otherwise a fast implementation in Tcl will be used.

::textutil::repeat::blank num
A convenience command. Returns a string of num spaces.


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blanks, repetition, string


Text processing