Trf_TransformBuffer(3) Interface to procedures for transformation of character sequences.


#include <transform.h>

int Trf_TransformBuffer
       Trf_ControlBlock ctrlBlock,

       unsigned char *buf,

       int bufLen,

       Tcl_Interp *interp,

       ClientData clientData



Trf_ControlBlock ctrlBlock
State of encoder/decoder.
unsigned char *buf
Characters to transform.
int bufLen
Number of characters.
Tcl_Interp *interp
Interpreter for error messages (NULL possible).
ClientData clientData
Arbitrary information, as defined in Trf_TypeDefinition.clientData.


A procedure of this type is called to encode/decode a complete buffer. Return value is a standard tcl error code. In case of failure and interp not NULL an error message should be left in the result area of the specified interpreter. Only one of 'Trf_TransformCharacter' and 'Trf_TransformBuffer' must be provided. The first named is easier to implement, this one should be faster. If both are provided, -> 'Trf_TransformBuffer' takes precedence.