txaws-discover(1) txAWS AWS API discovery tool


txaws-discover [--key KEY] [--secret SECRET] [--endpoint ENDPOINT]


Purpose: Invoke an EC2 API method with arbitrary parameters.
--action ACTION [PARAMETERS, ...]


The AWS access key to use when making the API request.
The AWS secret key to use when making the API request.
The region endpoint to make the API request against.
The name of the EC2 API to invoke.
-h, --help
Show help message.


The purpose of this program is to aid discovery of the EC2 API.
It can run
any EC2 API method, with arbitrary parameters.
The response received from
the backend cloud is printed to the screen, to show exactly what happened in response to the request. The --key, --secret, --endpoint and --action command-line arguments are required. If AWS_ENDPOINT, AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID or AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables are defined the corresponding options can be omitted and the values defined in the environment variables will be used.
Any additional parameters, beyond those defined above, will be included with the request as method parameters.


The following examples omit the --key, --secret and --endpoint command-line arguments for brevity. They must be included unless corresponding values are available from the environment.
Run the DescribeRegions method, without any optional parameters:
txaws-discover --action DescribeRegions
Run the DescribeRegions method, with an optional RegionName.0 parameter:
txaws-discover --action DescribeRegions --RegionName.0 us-west-1