vbmaskinfo(1) summarize a series of 3D image masks


vbmaskinfo <file> ... [<flags> ...]


vbmaskinfo is part of the VoxBo suite of tools for brain image analysis.

vbmaskinfo takes as input either a series of 3D mask files or one or more 4D mask files (each "time" point is a separate mask), and summarizes the mask data in various ways.

To get a complete list of available flags, run the program with no arguments.


Pre-built VoxBo binaries are available for Linux, OSX, and Cygwin, and via the NeuroDebian project (neuro.debian.net) for Debian derivatives.


VoxBo is provided with no warranty whatsoever.


For an historical roster of the VoxBo development team, visit www.voxbo.org.