Verilog::EditFiles(3) Split Verilog modules into separate files.


See splitmodule command.

use Verilog::EditFiles;
my $split = Verilog::EditFiles->new
(outdir => "processed_rtl",
translate_synthesis => 0,
lint_header => undef,
celldefine => 1,
$split->edit_file(filename=>"foo", cb => sub { return $_[0]; });


Verilog::EditFiles provides a easy way to split library Verilog files that contain multiple modules into many files with one module per file.


new (...)
Create a new Verilog::EditFiles object. Named parameters may be specified:
If true, add ```celldefine'' before every module statement.
For the write_lint method, the name of the linter to use. Defaults to ``vlint --brief''.
If defined, add the provided text before every module statement. Generally used to insert lint off pragmas.
Name of the directory to write the output modules to. Defaults to ``.''.
Name of the program to add to comments. Defaults to ``Verilog::EditFiles''.
If defined, add the provided text before every module statement. Generally set to the next needed to #include a timescale file. Use with timescale_removal.
If set, remove any `timescales.
If 1, replace any synopsys translate on/offs with ```ifdef SYNTHESIS'' and ```endif''s. If set to a string, use that string instead of ``SYNTHESIS''.
The suffix to add to convert a module name into a filename. Defaults to ``.v''.
If true, print what files are being read and written.
$self->read_and_split ([filenames])
Read from the specified filenames.

If there is no module statement in the file, assume it is a include file, and when write_files is called, place all of the file contents into the output. If there is a module statement, when write_files is called place all following output into a file named based on the module, with .v added.

Write all of the files created by read_and_split to the outdir.
Create a shell script that will lint every file created by write_files. If a ``filename'' parameter is not provided, ``'' will be written in the default outdir.
$self->edit_file(filename=>..., cb=>sub{...})
Read a file, edit it with the provided callback, and save it if it has changed. The ``filename'' parameter is the filename to read. The ``write_filename'' parameter is the filename to write, defaulting to the same name as the filename to read. The ``cb'' parameter is a reference to a callback which takes the string of file contents and returns the string to write back. Often the callback will simply perform a search and replace.


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Copyright 2006-2016 by Wilson Snyder. This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3 or the Perl Artistic License Version 2.0.


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